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Offering a Full Array Of Commerical & Residential
Electrical Services

Leading Electrical Services Provider in South Orange County

Leading Electrical Services Provider in South Orange County

At Wright Electrical Inc, we are fully dedicated to your complete satisfaction. We provide cost-effective solutions for all your electrical needs. Be it the need for an emergency electrician to quickly fix an issue in your home, or a team of electrical contractors to complete a large project, you can count on Wright Electrical Inc.

Wright Electrical Inc

Residential Services

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

If you are going green or going for the best MPG, trust Wright Electrical to get the power you need to power your new vehicle.

Remodels and New Construction

From wiring that new light fixture you have always wanted, to your next, remodel, big or small, Wright Electrical is here for all of your remodeling needs. Our team comes prepared with the experience and innovative ideas needed to make your dream a reality and have your home become the envy of the neighborhood.

Panel Upgrades

Your home’s electrical panel is the backbone of the entire lighting and power system and is also the last line of defense against many electrical fires. Older breakers such as Federal Pacific, Zinsco and Pushmatic do not react and trip as fast, nor they are reliable as modern breakers. Older homes with these outdated breakers make the house more susceptible to electrical fires. Have Wright Electrical upgrade your electrical panel today and sleep easy knowing that your investment is well protected.

Hot Tub and Pool wiring

As we all know, water and electricity can be a dangerous mix. There are numerous safety precautions, procedures and codes that must be met in order to correctly wire your jacuzzi or pool. Leave the work to Wright Electrical and we will make sure everything is done correctly and safely.

Code Corrections

This is important when buying or selling a home. Often, a home inspector will write a code correction list and the items on this list must be attended to before buying or selling the home. These corrections are intended as safety precautions and at Wright Electrical, your safety is very important to us.

Outdoor and Landscape Lighting

We offer a variety of ideas and layouts for your landscape and outdoor lighting. Complement your landscaping with accent lights, and subtly light up your walkway or stairs to avoid trips and falls. Keep away any unwanted visitors with motion detection lights or lights with a photocell. Ask us about transforming your existing outdoor light fixtures to be motion-activated or on a photocell.

Outdoor Kitchens and Living

Sometimes the weather is too nice to be stuck cooking and entertaining indoors! We have the knowledge and ability to set you up with the wiring you will need to have a custom outdoor kitchen and entertainment area, complete with high definition TV and outdoor speakers.

Ceiling Fans

One great way to keep your rooms cool without running the A/C is to install a ceiling fan in your home. Consistently running your A/C can become quite costly. Ceiling fans use very little energy and are a great way to finish off a room.

Bathroom Exhaust Fans

We recommend installing a bathroom exhaust fan if you notice an excess of steam building up after a shower, mold growth or paint bubbling up on the ceiling. It is very important to have proper ventilation in your home, especially in the bathrooms.

Attic Exhaust Fans

A great way to lower your cooling bill in the summer months is to install an attic exhaust fan. When your attic reaches a set temperature, a thermostat control turns the fan motor on that pushes all the hot air out and keeps your attic from building up excess heat, which in turn can heat up the rooms in your house.

Commerical Services

Commerical Services

We services the following Industries:


  • Mixed Used

  • Retail

  • Food and Beverage

  • Hospitality

  • City

  • Industrial

  • Office Space

  • Special Purpose

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